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There's a Daisy



I can’t concentrate on anything you’re saying until you cover your junk.


if your boyfriend doesn’t worship your butt then he’s a lame and i’m very sorry you have to deal with that


the old couple behind me laughed 

"I gave wrong people the right pieces of me."

(via bridgesx)


once a slayer, always a slayer


Get to Know Me Meme - [1/16] favorite female characters

Tina Belcher » ”Dad, if you believe you’re beautiful, you will be. I did.”

Tina is everything that Meg could have been if Family Guy hadn’t screwed up.

This is kind of like my diary but I'm letting you read it and I want you to think I'm funny and fabulous even though I'm just really awkward. Yeah...have fun while I desperately seek the approval of strangers like you.

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